De leukste en mooiste korte gedichtjes


The anxiety in me is rising
Overflowing to the point I don't know where it's spilling
A pudle under my feet
The anxiety in the pudle is like glue;
I can't escape
When I look down I see my own reflection
A face so terrified and eyes so sad
I kneel down and with my hands I gentle touch the pudle
A ripple effect
The ripples are continues; going faster and faster
Waves are vorming
The anxiety is rising
The waves slam onto my body
The anxiety is reaching my hips
Trying to free myself, still; can't move
Up to my chest now
Trying to think of a way out
Chaos beneath my head, distracting
Prospect of drowning is getting closer
Running out of time
Think for godsake, think!
With every thought the waves are getting bigger
Anxiety in my mouth, choking
Think, oh please think!
No air in my lungs

..A blackness

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