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Delirium girl

Delirium Girl

She had worn brown bare arms and she set my alarms
‘cause the air was as chilly as ice.
And her clothes being thin couldn’t even begin
to resemble a dress in disguise.

Almost naked she stood, unaware that she could
activate lower thoughts in my mind.
But her natural grace and the smile on her face
took away all desires of that kind.

Her hair burnt a rough gold and her rose-red lips told
me of things in a language unknown.
And her silvery voice left me no other choice
than to imbibe her sound to the bone.

A dream presence she was, she inflicted a loss
of reality upon my mind.
And I suddenly knew that I sure would feel blue
if she ever should leave me behind.

My night apparition, delirium vision,
will always give rise to the urge
to go on with my drinking and never stop thinking
of finding her during my search.

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George Venendaal

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