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I left the loveless life I’m living
the first time since my loss of Kate.
I missed her loving way of ‘giving’,
I longed for her, my wife, my mate.

I therefore took my boat for sailing,
accompanied by one lone gull
perched on my little ship’s oak railing.
The cloudy sky was dark and dull.

I watched some other seagulls gliding
but she refused to look at them.
She stared at me just without hiding,
with both her eyes a sparkling gem.

Sometimes that grey sky brooded over
a sea the sullen blush of rust.
I liked the bird that seemed, moreover,
as lone as me; that gave me trust.

And when the sun lightened the water
I saw her in a golden sphere.
I felt my heart and blood grow hotter,
I was so happy she was here.

She joined me without invitation,
and I’ll avoid a hot debate
on something like reincarnation.
But if she stays I’ll name her: Kate.

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George Venendaal

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