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I have failed

If my life ends here,
that will hurt me a lot but it's true
I m afraid i won't be seeing you again
but if i do i may have one more warm hug?
it's too early to go
nature's way it's time to go
please don't stay here
i don't want you to see me in pain
if i'm not here i'll still be with you
my fate is there i couldn't change it
it's now what i want i don't want to go tell the others
i have failed in my duty i am so stupid
that why my life is for maybe stupid
but it's part of it
but the time is near please forget me i want to go
without sorrow.
while you pour my ass into the water
then my life is done for good
forget me do what you always do
release me from my body it's been enough
and the end is what you read


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